Fallen - Lauren Kate

I was torn between 2-3 because it was okay but it was partly to blame for a horrible slump- it took me nearly a month to read.
For some reason I found it really hard to really get into the world this book was set, I found it hard to empathize with the characters I think this was mainly as it was written in 3rd person and I have never really been a fan. I thought it took way too long to get into the main plot of the book, it was very slow and I felt it was just created to give some backstory to the second book, which I don't think I will be reading as even though I have a slight but of curiosity as to what happens it's not a strong enough desire. I thought this book was just ridiculously cheesy and I often found myself cringing at what was being said. To be honest I find the whole fallen angel concept cheesy and just boring in general. I also thought it was very predictable.